The Libyan Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, launched “Shifa” project to organize cancer treatment in Libya, and decided to establish the National Cancer Control Commission, which will be independent and financially and administratively affiliated with the Prime Minister, Hokoometna platform said, adding that the remarks came in a ceremony to launch the Prime Minister’s project at Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, in the presence of the head of the local and abroad treatment support and development body, the director of the National Center for Disease Control, and the deputy head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, the Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs.

The National Cancer Control Commission will be under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister, in order to develop the necessary policies, plans and programs to combat cancer, follow up on their implementation, and take measures to localize the treatment of patients inside.

The decision to establish the National Cancer Control Commission also includes all cancer centers under the Commission, and the preparation of a database to determine the needs of medicines and devices needed to treat patients.

Dbeibah also approved the National Document for Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer, which will begin with the stages of awareness and prevention until February 2024, after which the mandatory examination phase for all Libyan women over the age of 35 will begin.

Dbeibah also instructed the head of the treatment development body at home and abroad, to form an emergency committee to follow up on 60 cases of child cancer in Benghazi, and to send serious cases abroad.

Meanwhile, Dbeibah honored more than 60 teams participating in the 12th breast cancer awareness campaign, which helps reduce the death rate from cancer among women.