The Director of the Tripoli Eye Hospital, Rania Al-Khouja, denied on Sunday the news circulated on social media regarding the 14 diabetic patients, who got eye infections after a surgery using “Avastin” injection, considering it media whirlwind for the purpose of fighting the public sector for suspicious reasons.

Al-Khouja indicated in a statement that diabetics are injected with this drug, a procedure that has been followed for years, and what happened is one of the possible complications of the injection only, and it is a normal allergic reaction, which happens to some cases.

“Last Thursday, 55 patients were injected with the same precautionary measures followed, and 14 cases were allergic, they were treated by the Eye Hospital team, and they are now in good health", she explained, confirming that the Drug Control Center tested the drug, and the results proved that it was suitable for use.

According to the news, the number of cases affected by the aforementioned injection has reached twenty, and some of them may go blind.