The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) issued a report on Monday, explaining that the total revenue from oil sales amounted to 19.1 billion dinars in the first four months of 2023, adding that oil royalties' revenue reached 1.7 billion dinars.

The CBL said state revenues in the first 2023 four months reached 31.9 billion dinars, while the total expenditure amounted to 24.9 billion dinars, adding that foreign currency exchange from January to April amounted to 15.05 billion dollars, 6.55 billion of which were used by commercial banks.

"Salaries of public sector represented 74% of total spending and 6.7 billion dinars were transferred to financial services control departments in cities: 42% of salaries. The salaries were worth 18.3 billion dinars, out of the total expenditure." The CBL said.