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The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanallah, said money was paid to the Petroleum Facilities Guard in an incorrect way and without control by the government relevant institutions, adding that the PFG employees are no more than 1000 and that not only they’re being fraudulent in giving false numbers but also in the source of their funding. Sanallah added that the three branches of the PFG are working by no rules and despite statements by their Chief, Ibrahim Jodran, saying he will reopen the ports, none has yet reopened.   


Italian authorities signed an agreement with the Libyan counterparts that obliges both countries to take urgent measures to end the illegal immigration phenomenon in the Mediterranean.


The Libyan Fast Intervention Force (FIF) of the Interior Ministry based in Tripoli arrested an Egyptian national who kidnapped a three-year old baby girl from her father’s car with the help of the rest of his gang members.


Mohammed Bader, a young man from the eastern city of Ajdabiya, is one of the Libyans who have been deeply saddened by the ongoing political crisis in the country. Dreaming of a better life in Europe, he decided to leave the country for Europe, but travel restrictions imposed on Libyans by EU countries were a dilemma for him.


The media office of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos said its forces had advanced into the very parts IS diehards are barricaded in within residential area (3) in Sirte, adding that the forces seized Wahda Bank in Jiza area, and Al-Madina hotel as well as the branch of the Central Bank of Libya in there.


Pumping oil out of Al-Hamada oilfield into Al-Zawiya refinery has begun and production was kicked off Friday after 9 days of stoppage, which was triggered by a group from the Petroleum Facilities Guard.   


Fire broke out in Al-Madar Al-Jadeed Telecom Company’s branch in Sabha, burning a number of offices and equipment. An official at the company said the fire was triggered by electric oscillation, adding that the company’s branch work has stopped by 80%, as employees wouldn’t be able to work in the main hall due to the smell of smoke. 


The CEO of the Italian Eni Company, Claudio Descalzi, said Libya is a very complicated country, adding that Eni will never leave it and will continue to support the countries that helped it and Italy to develop. The Italian Aki news agency reported Descalzi as saying that he thinks Libya, like Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Nigeria and Angola, has provided quite a lot to Eni.