An official at the Derna Shura Council's media center, Mohammed Al-Mansouri, said a group of fighters from the council thwarted an attempt by Operation Dignity forces when they tried to advance on the council-controlled area, seizing a number of their locations. He added that they targeted two positions for the Haftar-led forces in Budahak and Kassara in Derna using heavy weapons, leaving several from Dignity Operation fighters wounded.


Salvation Government (SG) denied the news that said it had entered the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Tripoli, reaffirming that the faction that spread out the accusation is the one in control since a long while (the NOC itself). It also mentioned that the NOC staffers are working normally under the supervision of the same administration, adding that it deals with the NOC and other institutions as per the laws.


The media office of the UN-proposed government said the Foreign Minister-designate, Mohammed Sayala, had left Moscow and arrived in Cairo after a visit he paid to Russia. Sayala will attend a meeting for Arab Foreign Ministers that is a preparation before the kick off of the 28th Arab Summit, which will be held in Jordan's Amman at the end of March.


Tripoli Central Municipality opened Cairo Street that connects 24 December St. with Independence St. as part of the municipality's efforts to resolve the congestion of traffic within main roads in the capital.


The spokesman of the Libyan Red Crescent in Ajdabiya, Mansour Atti, said they received 13 bodies from Khalifa Haftar's forces who were killed in clashes with the fighters of Defend Benghazi Brigades at the oil crescent region. The transporting of the corpses was coordinated with the two clashing factions as the agreement condition the delivery of the bodies to the Red Crescent volunteers in Bashir town, saying they did not enter Ras Lanuf area.


The municipality of Gharyan organized a workshop to discuss the health issues in the city with many officials attending the workshop including healthcare staffers crisis committee officials and others. On Facebook, the municipality said Saturday that the workshop resumed talks about continuing work at the Nephrology Hospital and the sterilization and tumors center in the city. A group from the attendees were tasked to follow up the issues of the municipality and report back.


The sixth round of the return program for the Sirte IDPs will start Monday, said the relevant committee from Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos. This phase will see displaced families returning to Zaafran residential area, western Sirte, as per the regularities set up by the committee.


The Head of the Libyan Gas and Oil Council, Khalid Ben Othman, denied that Defend Benghazi Brigades had vandalized any of the oil facilities, saying they passed by them and left them intact. He added that oil production was not affected by the clashes and is still between 730 thousand and 750 thousand barrels per day as before.


A delegation of Chinese state firms visited Jadu city and showed a number of projects that Jadu municipality is trying to get done, especially at the water, infrastructure, agriculture, health and electricity sectors. The media office of Jadu municipality said they agreed with the Chinese delegation on having an outline by the engineers from Jadu and then hand it to the Chinese firms in the coming two weeks to have a look at it, saying that after agreeing on implementing the projects, Jadu municipality will communicate with the government relevant authorities for the needed finances.