60 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) have condemned the statement of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) regarding the adoption of the roadmap for the executive authority, saying UNSMIL's statement aims to mislead public opinion and disregard the consensus of the two chambers, in addition to reducing its importance by describing it as a "unilateral initiative."

The statement indicated on Thursday that the consensus between the two chambers was a basic requirement for every Head of Mission preceding Bathily, as it came in implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement.

He expressed the concern of the deputies about "the practices of the mission in Libya, headed by the envoy, Abdullah Batili, which has become tainted with a kind of ambiguity, as if it is working against the Libyan consensus."

The members who signed the statement warned the mission of the consequences of these positions, and called on it to abide by its tasks entrusted to it in accordance with the decision to establish it, and demanded that it clarify what was stated in its last statement, and delete what “affects Libyan sovereignty and national consensus.”

In its latest statement on Wednesday, UNSMIL warned against unilateral initiatives to address the political stalemate after the HoR had adopted a roadmap and opened the door for nominations for a new government.

UNSMIL indicated that unilateral initiatives could lead to dire consequences, cause more instability and spark violence, adding that the political process in Libya was going through a critical stage that required a comprehensive political agreement with the acceptance and participation of all actors.