The High Council of State decided on Sunday to reject the budget approved by the House of Representatives for the parallel government, for “violating the provisions of the political agreement,” in addition to rejecting the civil reform bill submitted by the Presidential Council.

The Council’s media office said in a statement that it rejected the HoR's decision because it does not meet the aspirations of the Libyan people,” considering that Law No. 29 of 2013 regarding transitional justice is “the most appropriate law to fulfill the principles of reconciliation in Libya.”

It also decided to oblige the authorities concerned with the treatment file to address the bottlenecks that prevent providing treatment to citizens at home and abroad, with the necessity of activating the health insurance law for all Libyans to achieve justice in the field of healthcare and end corruption.

The House of Representatives approved - unilaterally and without referring to the High Council of State, as stipulated in the political agreement - the draft state budget law for the year 2024 submitted by the parallel government, with a value of 90 billion dinars.

House of Representatives spokesman Abdullah Blehiq explained on his Facebook that the House discussed the provisions of the draft budget law in the presence of members of the Budget Preparation Committee of the Ministry of Planning and Finance.

After the discussions, the House of Representatives approved the budget unanimously, and a joint committee was formed between the government and the House to introduce amendments and comments from representatives, before signing it and referring it to the government, provided that the committee completes its required tasks within a maximum period of a week to include it and sign the budget law.