The Political Adviser of the Foreign Ministry of the National Salvation Government Mohamed Araibi held talks Thursday with a number of African ambassadors in Tripoli on illegal immigration.

Araibi met with the ambassadors of Congo, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Somalia, in addition to the acting ambassadors of Eritrea and the Comoros, and an adviser to Niger's embassy in Libya to address the illegal immigration phenomenon and find ways to tackle the influx of African immigrants into the country. 

Hundreds of thousands of Africans immigrate to Libya every year to collect money for their illegal journey to Europe.  

Thursday’s meeting also reviewed the living conditions of African communities here, as well as ways of securing all diplomatic missions in Tripoli.

Araibi stressed during the depth of relations between Libya and the African countries, emphasizing the need for coordination and communication between Libya and Western countries to develop a mechanism to terminate the phenomenon of illegal migration.

“There should be ways to communicate with the departments concerned in Libya state to find appropriate solutions to this phenomenon.” He said.