The Ajdabiya Court of First Instance appointed a judicial guardianship committee over the funds, assets and revenues of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) at the request of the Prime Minister of the parallel government, Osama Hammad.

The government published, on its Facebook page, on Tuesday, a scanned copy of the state order issued by the court in this regard, dated April 9. The decision includes LIA's funds in the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan Foreign Bank, all banks abroad, and their affiliated entities and companies.

The guardianship committee includes the accountant and legal auditor, Khalid Mustafa Abdel Salam Abu Al-Joud, and the legal expert, Salem Ali Muftah Al-Kadiki.

"The head of the outgoing government (the head of the Government of National Unity) committed financial abuses, violations, and embezzlement by impersonating the position of Chairman of LIA's Board of Trustees. The Libyan government began its measures to stop tampering and corruption in the Libyan Investment Authority, as the judiciary was on the lookout, as usual.” Hammad's government said.