The dissolved parliament member, Mohammed Al-Abani has expressed his utter disapproval of the parliament and the performance of its speaker Aqila Saleh.

Speaking to Libya Awalan channel, a mouthpiece for the parliament and its Dignity Operation, he said that the parliament should stop its work, which would end all the ongoing conflicts, because its presence has been and will be catastrophic to all Libyans.

He also criticized the way Al-Thani was picked as a prime minister of the dissolved parliament saying “ We all were fooled by some leaks which pictured him as a savior for Libya and its citizens, however, he turned out all different when he succumbed to the MPs pressure who dictated him the names they want in forming his government.

"Nepotism is what keeps Al-Thani government alive," Al-Abani added, saying that it’s not that difficult to disband Al-Thani’s government by the parliament, however, the parliament itself is in great need for reform being so weak starting from its presidential post.

Al-Abani clarified that Aqila Saleh, the parliament speaker, is not qualified for his post, neither are his two vice-deputies, which is so obvious by their issued resolutions (amounting to 100) that remain unknown to all members, yet implemented on the ground, saying that he himself has read only one of them.

He finally revealed that the parliament’s legitimacy is on the decline due to the inability of holding sessions and the absence of the speaker and his deputies, or due to lack of MPs and the random resolutions that most MPs do not attend.