The Sudanese rebel movement of Minni Minnawi is involved in the recent attacks on the city, commander of Al-Kufra revolutionaries brigade, Adel Ashweeshin has confirmed, pointing that he has documents that prove the entrance of Minnawi fighters to Benghazi and Al-Kufra, besides their abandoned cars that the brigade siezed during clashes with them.

Commander Ashweeshin reaffirmed that the Minnawi movement was one of the mercenary groups which Gaddafi depended on in fighting the revolution back, pinpointing that history is repeating itself nowadays with the coup led by Khalifa Hafter and his followers, who are mainly ex-regime henchmen.

“Hafter used the Minnawi fighters in his war on Benghazi and now he is using them in destroying Al-Kufra.” Added Ashweeshin.

In the meantime, Sudanese newspapers have disclosed that the President of Sudan Liberation Movement, Minni Minnawi, refuted any connection for the movement with the fight in Libya, stressing that his troops are all located in the Sudanese territories.