The ex-head of the high Council of State (HCS) Abdelrahman Al-Sweihli said he had left the Misrata political bloc in June 2017, adding that only three out of eight Misratan MPs are still in the bloc.

"The recent statement of the bloc about the oil terminals came with a justifiable tone for the militias of Haftar and bitterly criticizes Tripoli's central bank and brigades, while gives easy tone and a tone of alliance with the militias of Haftar." Al-Sweihli tweeted, adding the statement doesn't represent him.

The bloc said in a statement last Thursday that the handover of the oil terminals to the parallel oil firm in east Libya was an unstudied act, saying it understood the frustration in the east regarding the breakout of power seizing by militias and the manipulation of political decisions in Tripoli by the militias.

"We share concerns with the eastern region for the lack of transparency in the central bank in Tripoli and the individualistic approach it has been taken in its policies plus its inflexibility regarding implementing the Presidential Council's recommendations, leading the country to an imminent economic collapse." The statement reads.

The Misrata political bloc was formed in November 2016 and was joined by HoR and HCS members who represent Misrata for a unified vision to resolve Libya's crisis, with little success to have an impact and to have full membership from Misrata MPs; only three out of eight joined it.