The Algerian President Abdulmajid Tebboune met in Algiers on Wednesday with the Head of Libyan Presidential Council Mohammed Menfi and reiterated his hope that 2023 would bring about a solution to the Libyan crisis that could regain stability and achieve prosperity, adding all countries realized now that the solution would be through elections.

"We are optimistic because all friends in Europe and abroad, even neighbors, are certain today that the solution in Libya inevitably goes through elections as per what Libyans themselves decide without interference from any party. Libya has its great wealth. It is a rich country, and the welfare of the people is supposed to be clear to all." Tebboune said.

Menfi reiterated the Algerian important role l, especially in the Arab League, in achieving a unified Arab position on Libya, reiterating the significance of the constitutional basis for holding elections in order to start regaining stability in the country.

Menfi arrived in Algeria on Tuesday with a delegation that included Head of General Intelligence Apparatus Hussein Al-Ayeb and dismissed House of Representatives' member Ziyad Daghim as well as Libyan ambassador in Algeria Saleh Himma.