The Algerian President Abdulmajid Tebboune has reiterated support for the Government of National Unity headed by Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and rejection to the "parallel government of Fathi Bashagha". This stance isn't new for Tebboune who more than once rejected forming any new temporary entities in Libya.

In his speech at the annual conference for the states' governors, Tebboune said Algeria is with the UN-brokered and Security Council-recognized legitimacy until a legitimate body comes through elections.

Tebboune added that he had agreed with "the wise" in Libya on the necessity to hold elections that produce a national, legitimate council and a government, saying that the important thing for Algeria is Libya's unity.

Tebboune remarked that Algerian diplomacy was suffering and ignored regarding the 11-year-long conflict in the bordering neighbor Libya, saying from inside Algeria, there was a tendency to look away, but now, he added; Algeria will defend the rights of Libyans as they did in the past toward Algerians.

"The only solution in Libya is via the votes of the people. We are sorry to see Libya, which is rich in resources like oil and gas, with a production twice or three times as much as Algeria, going through such hard times." Tebboune added.