The Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboune has called on the UN Security Council to take the needed measures to issue a resolution for a cessation of hostilities in Libya.

The remarks came in a speech for Tebboune in a meeting - online - for Presidents and top officials of member states of the Non-Aligned Movement on Tuesday.

"The Security Council should convene soon and adopt a resolution that calls for immediate cessation of hostilities across the world, especially in Libya." Tebboune indicated.

The Algerian President proposed this week an initiative to form a national transitional council and temporary national army in Libya with a government that leads the country to general elections, reiterating that the solution in Libya cannot be via military operations but it can be through an intra-Libyan dialogue.

"Some parties tried to hinder Algerian efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis for geopolitical reasons so Algeria doesn't return as a diplomatic player in the region. Libyans should resolve their own problems. Algerian army forces won't leave Algeria's territory, but it can technically participate in organization processes." Tebboune indicated.