Local authorities in Al-Marj have called on the Tripoli-based Government of National Unity to place the city located east of Libya on alert after tremors were felt in the region during the past few days.

The Municipal Council of Al-Marj submitted a communication to the GNU and the Ministry of Local Government to establish an emergency room to follow up on the matter.

Many residents in Al-Marj said they felt slight tremors at dawn on Sunday, while reports from relevant media outlets said regional sensors have confirmed that a 3- magnitude quake occurred in the region.

On Wednesday, the Director of Scientific Affairs at the Libyan Center for Remote Sensing contradicted news that Libya may be at risk of an earthquake or a tsunami after the recent quake that struck Turkey and Syria.

The seismic equipment at the center has been out of service for about a decade as Libya relies on data issued by observatories in neighboring countries, the official said.