Minister of Oil and gas Mohamed Aoun has cautioned against using the term "wealth distribution" saying it is a 'quaint phrase of a questionable source'.

Minister Aoun was responding to the request of Aqila Saleh, Speaker of Parliament, to withhold oil revenues, saying that this was for his own interest.

Aoun said in press statements that the revenues should not be withheld for any reason as he acknowledged the right to demand equality when it comes to development projects.

But from his point of view, the issue of the three regions and the dedication to regionalism is not acceptable.

"The committee tasked with resolving the oil closure issue is in constant contact with all social components in the areas, but it seems that the matter is not in the hands of the sheiks and notables".

According to Aoun, the daily losses from the disruption of oil exports ranges from 50 to 60 million dollars per day. However, he said the total loss had not been fully accounted for so far because it is also linked to other issues, including technical failures resulting from the lengthy closure.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aqilah Saleh, had called for freezing oil revenues in the Libyan Foreign Bank and not transferring them to the Central Bank of Libya as a condition for resuming oil export operations.