The UN envoy Abdoulaye Bathily met with the Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Abdallah Al-Lafi, and discussed the progress of the national reconciliation process, and they exchanged views on political challenges related to enabling electoral laws.

Bathily said on X platform that he had commended the Presidential Council's sustained commitment with the African Union on this important file. He also stressed the need for the major institutional actors to live up to their duties and engage, in good faith, to find peaceful solutions to the contentious issues delaying the holding of elections.

Bathily said earlier that he had met with the ambassador of Tunisia, Lassaad Ajilli, and  exchanged views on the current situation in Libya and highlighted the need for the major actors to come together to reach a political agreement on all pending issues pertaining to elections.

He hailed the longstanding commitment of Tunisia to the stability of Libya as well as its active role in mitigating the adverse impact of the Libyan crisis on the humanitarian situation in the neighborhood, as Ajilli renewed his country's support to the UN good offices in Libya.