The Benghazi IDPs Association has reiterated its rejection of the UN mission’s approach to managing the ongoing crisis in the country.

This came in a statement issued on the block's Facebook page Wednesday, in which it warned that the regional quota system would be at the price of further division.

The statement rejected any future political or empowering role for those responsible for deepening the crisis in Libya, or who "waged war and caused bloodshed, and attacked the capital, Tripoli."

The block expressed disapproval of "the decline" of the international community as they turn a blind eye on the mass graves in Tarhouna city, saying it is allowing "those murderers" to take over the country.

It concluded by calling on the international community and the United Nations Mission in Libya to pursue the "putschists" headed by Khalifa Haftar, who "plunged the country into a devastating civil war".