Benghazi Shura Council has denied any connection with armed groups in Tripoli including the armed force located in Arada, Tripoli.

The disavowing statement by the Benghazi Shura Council comes to refute responsibility for the footage that went viral on social media showing confessions of a member of an armed group in Tripoli to raping a woman along with other men then saying he and they have connections to the Benghazi Shura Council.

“The man who appeared in the confession video and the others in the raping footage are not members of the Benghazi Shura Council.” An official at the council told Ajwa Net on Friday.

The video that went viral on Thursday showed a person arrested by Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade. The man said he and other men from his brigade raped a Libyan woman in the headquarters of the brigade in Tripoli, confirming that they share the building with Benghazi Shura Council fighters, led by Ali Al-Adouli.

On December 01, the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade attacked an armed force’s building in Arada, eastern Tripoli, clashed with its fighters, killing its commander and three fighters for their involvement in murders, banditry, kidnap and smuggling illegal immigrants.

However, the Benghazi Shura Council official refuted the claims and said they have no military camps in Tripoli or in its suburbs and they have no fighters or members from the council located in the capital.

 “We only have a formal office, through which all our communications, individual and institutional, are conducted in the capital.”  

“On November 19, 2014, we told all public and private organizations and authorities not to deal with any person claiming relations to the council except if they had official letter sealed and dated by our council and the date should not exceed one month backward.” The Benghazi Shura Council remarked.