The British Embassy in Libya has assigned one of its nationals to establish a media office for the Presidential Council of UN-imposed government, a step Libyan journalists described as an intelligence role.

Justin Marozzi was appointed by the British Embassy to supervise the media office and put communication strategy between the government and Libyan people.

"The government which can’t directly speak with its people, and uses an intermediate to do so, doesn’t represent us, what we want is honesty and transparency which doesn’t need a special translator", the journalists said in a letter sent to the Presidential Council.

The journalists indicated that Marozzi had worked with former Ali Zidan's government, which they described as a failed one, and his media production was miserable. 

"Training Libyan media cadres doesn't need planting a person in one of the most dangerous bodies in the Libyan state, especially after what Hillary Clinton’s e-mails disclosed about roles played by advisors as intelligence agents, and became decision makers and politics managers.” The letter reads.

The journalists demanded in their letter a clear and defined stance from the PC towards this appointment, which they accused of seeking division and destabilization.

They also demanded removal of foreign persons from decision-making centers whatever the reasons are.

They stressed that their support to the government is conditioned to its patriotism and support to all qualified Libyans.