67 of parties, civil organizations, and legal personalities called on the judiciary: specifically the Constitutional Circuit Court to quickly decide on the appeal against the 13th constitutional amendment issued by the House of Representatives (HoR). 

The signatories reaffirmed their rejection of the 13th amendment and the outcomes of its 6+6 joint committee, saying their work was unconstitutional, and warning against trying to pass this amendment "in order not to be plunged into destabilization in the country and to save the civilian state." 

The statement also rejected all attempts to allow dual nationals and those whom it called the "putschists and military men wanted by the judiciary" to run for elections or to be integrated into political life, calling on the Attorney General and the Military Prosecutor to perform their duties and implement non-impunity measures against those who have committed crimes against the Libyan people. 

"We reject the UN mission's approach to reducing the political solution to the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, stressing the need to respect the Libyan ownership and commitment to holding local or international dialogues on the constitutional path, with participation being in accordance with specific and announced national standards." It added. 

The member of the High Council of State (HCS), Ibrahim Bushala, said that the 55 members of the HCS who rejected the 13th constitutional amendment "are sticking to their position", adding that the two chambers must respect the constitutional declaration and put electoral laws in accordance with it.