Pro-Dignity Operation MPs in Tobruk Parliament have started calling for the formation of a military council led by Khalifa Haftar, well-informed sources from the parliament have disclosed.

The sources told Press Solidarity Wednesday that the call for a military council to rule the country came after the failure of the political process in Libya.

"The political situations would be more complicated especially after the international recognition of the government of national accord," the sources added.

The UN and a number of world countries have already recognized the UN-imposed government of Fayaz Sirraj before its approval by Tobruk Parliament, which clearly violates the Libyan political agreement, which was signed in Skhirat on December 17.

Last week, the German Ambassador in Libya Christian Much said that Skhirat government would be recognized without the approval of Tobruk Parliament and the GNC, according to lawyer Amal Bugaigis.

Rogue General Khalifa Haftar launched Dignity Operation in May 2014 in a failed attempt to control the country. His operation, which is still raging in Benghazi, has fragmented the Libyan society and split the country into two: east and west.