Libya's Civilian Forces Movement (CFM) has accused the UNSMIL of encroaching on the country's sovereignty and its state institutions as it continued Geneva talks in disregard to the boycott of House of Representatives (HoR) and High Council of State's (HCS) participants.

In a statement on Wednesday, the CFM added that the UNSMIL made the international community and local parties in Libya believe that the military dialogue was making progress but that was denied by the two parties.

It also said that the UNSMIL worked outside the scope of its authorities given to it by the Security Council, ignoring the calls of the HoR and the HCS.

CFM added that the UNSMIL treated the dialogue tracks as its own property along with the countries supporting Khalifa Haftar to help him bring back the military rule in Libya.

"Putting an end to the mess of the UNSMIL is a national duty. We support the Presidential Council, HCS and HoR's stances regarding Geneva talks." CFM added.

The UNSMIL said earlier that the political talks would begin with the attendees - MPs or independent figures, adding that the rest will join later.

It held on Wednesday the political talks in Geneva with the presence of 20 Libyan figures, including Tobruk-based and Tripoli-based House of Representatives' members - without official mandate, Bawabet Al-Wasat reported, citing one of the participants in Geneva.