News came in various and sundry about the assassination of renegade General, Khalifa Hafter, while he was on his way back to Al-Marij city coming from Benghazi Monday.

Sources from Dignity Operation confirmed that Hafter’s convoy that was heading to Al-Marij collided with an oil tank, which caused it to blast leaving three of Hafter’s bodyguards dead.

Other sources explained that the accident was premeditated, saying that the convoy was attacked by a car bomb  in Al-Mleetaniya area causing injuries to Hafter and killing three of his closest assistants, on top of them, Hafter’s Office Director, Awn Al-Firjani.

Worth mentioning is that Hafter was targeted by an assassination attempt last year when a ranch in Al-Marij, believed to be his operations headquarters, was attacked by a car bomb killing and injuring some of his guards and leaving him slightly injured.