Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has called on the Attorney General to open an immediate investigation into the halting of oil operations in major fields and ports and hold those responsible for such acts accountable.

Dbeibah's call came during a regular meeting of the Council of Ministers, which was devoted to discussing the oil closures, in the presence of the head of the General Intelligence Service, the Chief of General Staff, and the Petroleum Facilities Guard.

The PM said he gave his orders to all security and military agencies to take the measures needed to deal with the crisis.

Condemning the attack on the oil facilities, he said that these actions are a repetition of a criminal act that all Libyans hate and paid dearly for from their livelihood and the resources of the future generation.

He added that the real perpetrators of this "criminal act" are the political class who don't want the elections to go ahead in order to stay in power.

"They were seeking to establish a new transitional authority, and when they failed to do so, they shut down oil exports so they could go on humiliating this great nation".

Dbeibah highlighted that the halting of oil operations came after a move by the House of Representatives to freeze the general budget in an attempt to disrupt the projects that were launched in all parts of Libya, insisting that four months ago, the entire development budget in Libya came to a halt by arbitrary and illegal measures.

The PM warned of painful consequences due to the closing of oil sites, including an uncontrolled rise in the purchase of foreign currency and a surge in the goods and foodstuff prices. He further indicated that this would affect expenses for oversea treatment and the Libyan students abroad.