The Attorney General, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, said that the evidence for investigations regarding the floods in the city of Derna is proceeding at fast pace, and is based on engineering reports that have contributed to the investigating authority for understanding the reasons for the failure of the valley’s dams, and analyzing the form of their collapse.

These remarks came during a meeting of the Attorney General with the Deputy Head of the High Council of State, the Chairman of the Council’s Legal Committee, and the member of the Council charged with following up on the crisis in the city of Derna.

The Attorney General's Office explained on Wednesday that the meeting discussed the administrative measures that council members decided to take regarding the repercussions of the flood incident in the city, and the mechanism for investigating its causes.

Al-Sour confirmed that the Office filed a public lawsuit against those responsible for the failure to manage the dams, stressing the regularity of measures to prove death incidents, investigate the condition of missing persons, and determine the economic losses resulting from the flood incident.

The Attorney General Office reviewed the research procedures related to the Derna disaster, and conducted an evaluation of the results of the investigation committee, directing that the investigation procedures be complete and consistent.

Last Monday, the Office announced the filing of a criminal case against 16 officials as part of its investigations into the collapse of the Wadi Derna and Abu Mansour dams as a result of the floods and torrents caused by Storm Daniel.

The office also decided to imprison eight of the accused: the former head of the Water Resources Authority and his successor, the director of the Dams Administration and his predecessor, the head of the Dam Projects Implementation and Maintenance Department, the head of the Dams Department in the eastern region, the head of the Water Resources Office in Derna, and the Mayor of the Municipal Council in Derna.