The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah urged his government's ministries, agencies, institutions, bodies and centers affiliated with the cabinet to present the projects, activities and procedures implemented for the year 2023, and to clarify their financial allocations and expenditures to citizens.

This call came in a speech addressed by the Minister of State for Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs, Adel Jumua, to the ministers, heads and directors of agencies, departments, agencies, institutions and centers, saying that the Prime Minister’s instructions required preparing a report on the projects implemented during the year 2023, whether ongoing or completed, in all fields, preparing a detailed position on the activities and procedures implemented in 2023, clarifying the extent of their impact on providing service to citizens, and submitting a report clarifying the financial specializations spent this year, in addition to the procedures that correspond to those expenses.

The instructions call for coordination with the Minister of State for Communication and Political Affairs regarding presenting this data and clarifying it to citizens within the framework of the disclosure procedures followed by the Government of National Unity, no later than the end of next January, provided that the Inspection and Follow-up Department in the Cabinet will follow up on the issue.