Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah and the Audit Bureau's head, Khaled Shakshak, met on Sunday to discuss the final procedures of the government's project to establish 500 new schools.

The meeting grouped Minister of Education Musa Al-Maqariaf, the head of the Agency for the Development of Administrative Centres, Ibrahim Takita, and several relevant officials.

The PM emphasized three main points, including determining the implementation schedule, ending all tin-shack schools, and the need for technical and operational follow-up on all stages of implementation.

 He also recommended adopting a comprehensive maintenance plan for the dilapidated schools and disbursing the operating budget for education facilities according to specific criteria to ensure schools deliver services that meet the student's needs.

Considering the plan as a "national project" Shakshak said the scheme gives more credit to the present government, which "requires the solidarity of all state institutions."

The meeting also touched upon the textbook issue and plans to ensure its readiness on time after the late distribution of school books this year, which led to the imprisonment of the education minister.