Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has elaborated the reasons behind the opposition of a number of countries (which he did not identify by name) to his country's agreement with the Libyan Government of National Unity regarding energy.

Erdogan attributed the reasons behind such opposition to what he described as the soundness of the long-term investment in this field.

This came as part of Erdogan's talk about plans to make Turkey a global hub in which the reference price for natural gas will be determined soon, during his participation in a ceremony to increase the capacity of the gas storage depot in the Silivri suburb of Istanbul.

The Turkish president said that "Ankara's ambitions are behind the disturbance caused by Turkey's agreement with Libya," considering that every investment in the field of energy has a depth of a century or half a century.

"We are making great efforts to expand our political and diplomatic relations on the basis of common economic interests, and to achieve new gains in the field of energy along with other fields," he added.