The European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee approved a set of recommendations regarding the political situation in Libya, with 49 votes in favour, nine against, and five abstentions.

The committee called on the EU to support efforts for constitutional reform in Libya and the UN's roadmap towards holding free and fair elections and urged more diplomatic efforts to restore peace and security in the country.

It also stressed the importance of member states speaking with one voice on the Libyan file and avoiding previous methods, as it called for the withdrawal of all mercenaries, fighters, and foreign forces from Libya, including the Russian Wagner Group.

Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey were urged not to interfere in Libya and to refrain from inflaming tensions through direct military interventions.

Libyan parties must refrain from using oil as a tool for political confrontation and keep oil fields and ports open, where the European Union can operate in a more stable environment, which will help increase Libyan capabilities and diversify the union's energy supplies, the committee says.

They urged the Libyan authorities to repeal the 2019 Turkish-Libyan agreement on the delimitation of maritime borders in the Mediterranean and requested the concerned parties not to implement any clause included in the subsequent MoU on hydrocarbons.