Abdelbaset Ghweila, father of Canadian boy killed in Benghazi weeks ago, said that accusing him of sponsoring terrorism based on a YouTube video is rejected as it is untrue and inaccurate.

In a press interview with The Libya Observer, Ghweila, said he is not a Mufti and he does not give Fatwa for anyone, pointing out that what was displayed on YouTube was a video of him encouraging people to fight the bandits, who were positioned in the Airport Road.

“When I was encouraging people to fight, I meant that they have to fight the bandits, who terrified the civilians, robbed their houses and kidnapped their dear ones.” He indicated.

Ghweila also explained that he used the term “jihad” to mean the fight against those bandits, underling that Islam teaches Muslims to go on jihad to defend innocent people and protect them from robbery, kidnap and other criminal acts, which were carried out by those militias positioned at the Airport Road in Tripoli, according to him.

“When I said Jihad, I did not encourage for fighting other countries as Daesh (IS) is doing now and I did not mean that those who don’t follow my advice are infidels (Kufar).” He told The Libya Observer.