The Fatwa House Research and Sharia Studies Council (RSSC) in Tripoli issued a statement, on Friday, urging for eyeful attention to some articles contained in the draft dialogue.

The Council expressed bewilderment at the draft as it did not state clearly any commitment to the Sharia law, and that it did not indicated that all what opposes Islamic laws would be unacceptable and invalid.

“Astonishingly, the Islamic law is referred to only in the general preamble of the draft instead of being stated in the first ruling principles of the draft.” The statement reads.

The Council also called on the GNC to be patient, not to rush, and to carefully study the draft since the country destiny depends on it. In addition, the Council called on civil society organizations and the Court Gatherings to give the GNC an adequate thinking space and an opportunity to study the draft, asking them not to interfere in its job and exert pressure on it, and to express their demands in a peaceful and civilized manner.

“We asked the negotiating parties to define the term "terrorism" before finalizing the draft so that the term would not be liable to individual interpretations. Besides, we made it clear that any dispute arising from interpreting the text of the draft after approval should be referred to the nationals of the country be they judges or otherwise, but never to foreign parties.” Continued the statement.

The Research and Sharia Studies Council also called on all negotiating parties to prioritize the national interest, and that the dialogue should not be a cause for the "external forces" to dominate Libya.