Fayaz Sirraj, the Prime Minister of UN-imposed government, held a closed-door meeting Saturday with renegade General Khalifa Haftar, the leader of Dignity Operation. Results of the meeting were not announced.

Sirraj's meeting with Haftar has angered GNC's pro-Skhirat agreement member Abdul-Rahman Al-Swaihli who demanded him to submit his resignation immediately for meeting a war criminal, as he described him.

"We strongly condemn this meeting which constitutes a dangerous violation of the political agreement," he said, adding that the political accord would totally collapse if its articles were violated.

Haftar told a Saudi newspaper on Friday that Al-Mahdi Al-Burghathi, who is one of the senior leaders of Dignity Operation led by him, is unqualified to be a defense minister, saying that such a position requires a special kind of military leadership. He also vowed to fight Sirraj government as he is fighting terrorism if it enlisted help from foreign countries.