John Bellinger, former legal adviser to the US State Department, has said that the arrest of the Libyan citizen, Abu Agila Masud Al-Maryami, “may not be the final chapter” in the Lockerbie bombing case, as it is likely that more information will be revealed about the attack, and it may lead to the arrest of other Libyan intelligence officials, responsible for the bombing and prosecute them, as he put it.

This came in a lengthy article written by John Bellinger in the American "Lawfare" blog, specialized in national security issues, in which he traced the progress of the Lockerbie file from the occurrence of the accident until Abu Agila appearance before a federal court in Washington on December 12.

Bellinger said in his article, "The arrest of Abu Agila Masud by the United States shows that the long arm of American justice extends miles away and many years long, through multiple departments," noting his belief that Abu Agila was handed over to the FBI in Libya.

He explained that the accusation of Abu Agila Masud is "the latest American action in more than three decades of work carried out by US intelligence agencies, Department of Justice and the State Department, in addition to other government agencies to identify and prosecute the perpetrators of the bombing of the Pan American plane, and hold the Libyan government accountable and provide compensation to the families of the victims." , according to Bellinger.

The former adviser to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice concluded his article by saying: "The wheels of American justice may turn slowly, but they are turning relentlessly."