Four boycotting members rejoin Constitution Drafting Assembly

Four boycotting members rejoin Constitution Drafting Assembly

February 27, 2016 - 20:22
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Constitution Drafting Assembly members resumed sessions Saturday headed by Vice President Al-Jilani Arhouma with the rejoining of four boycotting members in the formal restart of work in Al-Bayda city.

This resumption comes after the verdict of dismissing Ali Al-Tarhouni, the President of the CDA, delivered by Al-Bayda Court of Appeals.

A member in the CDA confirmed that the Saturday session attending members reached 27 out of 56, without the presence of Ali Al-Tarhouni, pointing that the CDA might decide to move its work to Oman.

“Boycotting members from the west refused to come to Al-Bayda, so the attending western members called for a quick solution to the issue that is why the CDA proposed to hold sessions in Oman, while some of the members opposed the decision and suggested to find another city in Libya.” Added the member.

He also said that the Work Committee is valueless unless it is endorsed by the CDA, pointing out that what is being done by some of the boycotters is no more than political maneuvers that aim at wasting the time.

“We ask all of those boycotters to rejoin and take part in rephrasing the constitution’s draft freely.” He concluded.