The Congolese Foreign Minister Jean-Claude Gakosso briefed the Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, on the results of the meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the National Reconciliation Conference, which was held in Sabha city in the last two days.

This briefing came during their meeting on Friday in the presence of the African Union Advisor for National Reconciliation, Mohamed Hassan Al-Labad, who with Gakosso hailed Menfi’s role in facilitating many outstanding matters and advancing the path of reconciliation.

Menfi's media office said he had also praised the role of the African Union in supporting the reconciliation project led by Libyans, and stressed his continued support for anything that enables the achievement of comprehensive and inclusive reconciliation.

Sabha meeting ended with selecting the city of Sirte as the location for the National Reconciliation Conference to be held on April 28, 2024, in addition to determining the mechanism for forming the preparatory committee to organize the conference and choose its competencies and internal regulations.