The General Assembly of the Libyan Supreme Court in Tripoli has unanimously ruled in favor of the continuation of work of the Constitutional Circuit Court in terms of looking into all appeals and the rest of its relevant competences.
The House of Representatives (HoR) approved last week with majority a Constitutional Court bill, with its permanent headquarters being in Benghazi, eastern Libya.
HoR Speaker Aqila Saleh proposed the bill in last October for the Constitutional Court to function as constitutional circuit court of the Supreme Court amid accusations by political parties to Saleh of trying to control the judicial institution in Libya.
As a reaction to this decision, the Head of the High Council of State (HCS), Khalid Al-Mishri, sent an official letter to the Speaker of the HoR Aqila Saleh calling for the necessity of annulling the law establishing a Supreme Constitutional Court in Benghazi, which it said was issued in violation of the constitutional provisions and points of agreement between the HCS and the HoR. He later severed communication between the two chambers.