The Constitutional Circuit Court of the Supreme Court  said Article 1 of Law 11 of 2021, which was issued by the House of Representatives (HoR) regarding amending some provisions of the Judicial System Law, was unconstitutional.

The HoR's decision said that the Head of the Judicial Bodies Inspection Department would assume the presidency of the Supreme Judicial Council, instead of the President of the Supreme Court, saying that the Attorney General would be the deputy.

This ruling meant the invalidity of Meftah Al-Gawi's assumption of the presidency of the Supreme Judicial Council in his capacity as the Head of the Inspection Department, and the return of the presidency to Abdullah Buraziza as he's the president of the Supreme Court.

The current Supreme Judicial Council rejected the Constitutional Circuit Court's decision that the Council in its current formation was unconstitutional, according to the HoR's amendment to the Judicial System Law.

The Supreme Judicial Council, in a statement responding to the ruling of the Constitutional Circuit Court, considered the ruling of the Supreme Court to be "faulty," calling on the HoR to pass a law establishing a court for jurisdiction conflict. 

It also said that it would postpone dealing with all of the outcomes related to the constitutionality of laws until the establishment of a court for jurisdiction conflict, warning that this ruling would lead to the division of the judicial system in Libya.