​The Fifth Criminal Division of the Supreme Court has decided to postpone the review of an appeal related to the Abu Salim massacre case, which aims to transfer the jurisdiction from the military to a civilian court. 

The court has rescheduled the reconsideration of this appeal for February 29th of 2024.

The decision came after the Tripoli Court of Appeals, back in 2021, made a ruling to transfer the case from civilian to military jurisdiction.

Mustafa Al-Majdoub, an advisor representing the Association of Victims of the Abu Salim massacre, expressed their surprise at the developments, as the court was to give the final verdict on the case on Sunday.

Al-Majdoub emphasized that the national judiciary has faced challenges in resolving the Abu Salim prison case, with continuous delays and procrastination. 

He urged the Supreme Court to expedite its appeal ruling and refer the case back to the Tripoli Court of Appeals for a fresh review.