The GNC has decided to boycott the next dialogue rounds until it receives a clear response from the head of UNSMIL Bernardino Leon ensuring that the GNC's proposed amendments would be included in the latest UNSMIL draft agreement.

"The GNC has made a lot of concessions to stop bloodshed and solve the crisis, if the UNSMIL head Leon didn't give a chance for inclusion of all GNC amendments, I would hold the UNSMIL and its chief responsible for the failure of the dialogue which then will not be binding." First Deputy President of GNC Awad Abdul-Sadiq said in a press conference following Tuesday sitting.

Awad also declared that the GNC voted in favor of cutting oil subsidies, except for liquid petroleum gas, and replace them with cash payments.

"The GNC agreed to pay a monthly amount of LYD 50 for each citizen in return of the subsidized fuel. Fuel subsidies will not be lifted until an advance payment of two months is transferred to people's bank accounts." He confirmed.

Congressman Abdul-Fittah Al-Shilwi said on his Facebook profile that the two-month payment will be transferred later this month.      

The GNC also gave the go-ahead to Prime Minister of Salvation Government Khalifa Al-Ghawiel to reshuffle the cabinet and form a mini-government of 12 ministerial portfolios. No date was set for the announcement of the new government.