GNC dialogue team optimistic over Geneva round outcome

GNC dialogue team optimistic over Geneva round outcome

September 05, 2015 - 14:53
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The head of GNC dialogue team Awad Abdul-Sadiq said that the head of UNSMIL Bernardino Leon had presented new ideas and formulas to include amendments of the GNC in the draft.

Awad, at a news conference after Friday dialogue talks in Geneva, added that the dialogue team reviewed with the UNSMIL all the nine GNC amendments and the debate was constructive in order to include them in the draft agreement.

"We are very optimistic about finding conciliatory formulas in the near future. No doubt some sticking points need us to devote more efforts and debate, but if we continue at the same constructive morale in which we worked today and witnessed from the UNSMIL, I think that we can accomplish what is left very soon". He explained.

A new Libyan round of political dialogue concluded in Geneva on Friday in the presence of all the parties concerned.

The next round, which is likely to be the last, will be held in the Moroccan city Skhirat later this week, where the names of candidates for the national unity government will be considered for voting.

Tobruk parliament representatives have already submitted their candidates while the GNC is expected to name its candidates for the unity government in the next Skhirat meeting.

The head of UNSMIL Bernardino Leon expected the final signing of the agreement would take place by September 20.