The Roads and Bridges Apparatus of the Government of National Unity (GNU) estimated the costs of restoring the roads in the city of Derna to its previous state before being damaged by floods at approximately 315 million dinars, which the GUN pledged to liquidate for relevant authorities to start reconstruction work.

The Apparatus confirmed in a statement to the government’s Hakomitna media platform that the damage was limited to public roads and bridges that were subjected to severe damage and collapses as a result of the devastating floods that swept through the city of Derna and Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar areas in eastern Libya.

It said the roads affected by the flood disaster had been estimated at about 45,880 square kilometers, indicating that the size of the completely collapsed roads in Derna was about 30 square kilometers, while the completely affected low-lying area in Derna was about 3 million and 900 thousand square meters. 

The Apparatus said that among the registered damage to the roads, there were about 90 serious damage points, 169 collapses, 15 damaged bridges, and 56 areas that were subject to washouts. 

The Roads and Bridges Apparatus said Tuesday that its Emergency Committee in the south had completed registering the damage resulting from the floods in the region in preparation for issuing its final report.