A recent decision by the Ministry of Local Government to dissolve the Municipal Police has been rejected by the police personnel who confirmed that such a decision will cause wide-range anger in all of its branches across Libya.

The Head of the Municipal Police’s Media Bureau, Yousif Al-Geloushi, said Thursday that if the Municipal Police was dissolved, then this official body would split into two – one in the west and another in the east, warning of gradual suspension of work if the decision is not altered.

“The eastern region informed us that it will appoint a new head of the Municipal Police in there if the decision was implemented.” He indicated.

In a statement issued in Tripoli by the Municipal Police members, they stressed that such a decision will cause havoc and instability in all the branches, holding on to the independency of the Municipal Police as it is a vital body that helps people on a daily basis since it was founded in 1918.

“The Municipal Police is ready to work and cooperate with all municipalities in the city for the welfare of the citizens and the country.” The statement reads.

The Local Government Ministry in the Salvation Government has decided to dissolve the Municipal Police and transfer its authorities and specialties to the country's municipalities. Unlike the world countries, the Municipal Police in Libya became independent in 2006.