A workshop on the UNSMIL draft agreement was held at GNC HQs in Tripoli on Tuesday.

Under the theme "The Dialogue between National Constants and International Solutions", participants, including Libya's Grand Mufti Shiekh Sadiq Al-Gharyani and Prime Minister Khalifa Al-Ghawiel, embarked on an extensive debate on the draft from political, security and religious point of view.

Addressing the participants, Shiekh Sadiq said the Islamic Sharia text in the UNSMIL draft should be written as in the constitutional declaration which states that "the Islamic Sharia is the source of all legislations, and any legislation, action or conduct issued in violation of its provisions is null and void while the state guarantees the freedom for non-Muslims to practice their religious rites."

"This text should be protected from appeal and abrogation so it should not be part of the 2014 GNC decisions to be abrogated." He said.

He also expressed reservations about the term ‘terrorism’ in the draft. He indicated that there is a wide range of definitions for terrorism and must be carefully defined and controlled.

"It should not be left afloat within the reach of every criminal to use it to kill civilians under the pretext of fighting terrorism as Haftar does today or as others may do tomorrow, it should be defined accurately."

For his part, PM Al-Ghawiel reiterated his criticism to some of GNC dialogue team members for their insistence to deal with the dialogue draft, which he described as suspicious and inconsistent with the supreme national principles. 

The workshop concluded with a call for a Libyan-Libyan dialogue and that the Islamic Sharia should be the only source of legislation in Libya. It also called for preservation of 17 February revolution principles.