The eastern-based House of Representatives (HoR) has condemned the military prosecutor's move to annex Khums Port to the military naval base in the city, deeming the decision "invalid and illegal."

In the Parliament's session on Monday, Speaker Aqila Saleh called on the Presidential Council to assume its responsibilities and direct the military prosecutor to pause the procedures.

Last Sunday, a statement attributed to the local people of Khums rebuffed the prosecutor's decision to convert the commercial port in their city into a military base.

They urged the relevant authorities to suspend procedures saying the port provides livelihoods to many families in Khums and neighbouring areas.

On Sunday night, the city saw tension as angry protesters burned tires in rejection of the decision, which they said was based on a letter from the commander of the Khums Coast Guard and Ports Security to the director of the port demanding the evacuation of the port and for all vessels to leave the site.

In light of these developments, the city hosted a meeting grouping officials from the municipal council, representatives of the Port Drivers Union, and the Libyan Ports Company, in which they agreed to form a committee to follow up on the issue.

The Municipal Council's media office said the port is of significant economic value that provides services to citizens from inside and outside the municipality, besides the job opportunities it offers.