spokesman of the Government of National Unity, Mohamed Hamouda

The spokesman of the Government of National Unity, Mohamed Hamouda, has denied allegations that the sea port of Al-Khums would be given to a foreign country for military purposes.

speaking from inside the port, Hamouda revealed that there are rumors implying that the Libyan state abandoned the port or that it will be used as a military base for a foreign country, which is baseless. 

Hamouda called on the citizens to follow the news through official sources, and not to believe such news that leads to confusion of public opinion and destabilization, stressing that what appears in the media does not reflect the truth.

He warned the protesters against the alleged port leasing that any encroachment on public utilities will lead to legal accountability, calling for restraint.

Hamouda confirmed that there is a plan to develop the port in order to increase trade exchange with other countries and development of the city of Al-Khums in particular and Libya in general.

Earlier on Wednesday, an X platform page called "Sanayi ve Savunma" said Turkey had leased Al-Khums port for 99 years and a Turkish delegation headed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would sign the deal in Tripoli, without specifying the time of the signing.