The Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR) has denounced the visit of the Congolese Foreign Minister Jean-Claude Gakosso to Tripoli and his meeting with the Libyan Foreign Minister and Prime Minister as he headed an African Union's delegation.

The committee expressed dismay at the African Union's stance which it considered as a flagrant violation of the African Union's conventions, especially the respect for member states’ sovereignty, adding that the visit was a clear bias to one party and a disregard for the HoR’s will that is the legitimate representative of the Libyan people after choosing a new government as per a democratic process .

“The visit was an irresponsible stance that affects the image of the African Union as a peace and stability advocate in Libya, but this position adds to the instability and division in the country.” It said, calling on the African Union to clarify the details of the visit.

Congolese FM Gakosso visited Tripoli on Monday and discussed with the Libyan FM and PM the efforts for national reconciliation as well as the support of the African Union for those efforts.