The third meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the Inclusive Conference on National Reconciliation convened in the city of Sabha on Thursday afternoon. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, who is also responsible for the reconciliation file in the Presidential Council.

Participants included the Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Claude Gakosso, and the African Union Advisor for National Reconciliation. Mohammed, in addition to members of the Preparatory Committee representing all of the main parties participating in the political process.

The media office of the Presidential Council reported that during the meeting, participants unanimously agreed to choose the city of Sirte to hold the comprehensive national conference for national reconciliation, and to set April 28, 2024, as its date. They also agreed to determine the mechanism for forming the Preparatory Committee to organize the conference, and to determine its authorities and internal regulations.

The attendees also decided to hold the next preparatory meeting of the Preparatory Committee in the city of Zuwara at the end of this month.