iron steel

The Iron and Steel Company has signed an agreement to establish a cooking gas cylinder production plant in partnership with the Turkish company Sancor.

The contract was inked by the Iron and Steel Chairman, Mohammed Al-Faqih, and the General Manager of Sancor, Ali Kurtulan, as stated by the firm on Thursday.

The project aims to produce approximately 440,000 cooking gas cylinders annually, operating in a single shift system and adhering to the technical specifications approved by the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company, which will distribute and market the entire output.

Recently, the shortage of cooking gas cylinders and fuel led to protests in the southern region, resulting in the closure of the Sharara oil field and the National Oil Corporation declaring a state of force majeure on the field.

Last Saturday, Brega Company reported distributing 19,000 cooking gas cylinders in the south from December 26 to January 5, emphasizing its efforts to permanently resolve the gas shortage issue in the region.

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